About Jack Bateson

Jack Bateson is a Professional boxer with a current record of 13 wins from 13 fights including 3 knockouts. Before Jack Turned Professional in 2017 he had a long and successful Amateur career where along the way he boxed for Team GB picking up 9 National titles, 2 Senior ABA titles, Commonwealth Gold Medal, European Bronze and many more prestigious medals and trophies.

Jack Bateson
Jack & Dad

Jack was born and raised in Leeds and began boxing at 9 years old. His Father Mark and uncle Martin were both coaches so naturally Jack got involved from a young age. He represented his country as an amateur for the first time at just 12 years old and has been in love with the game ever since he put his first pair of gloves on. Jack has always worked hard at his craft and dedicated his life to boxing which has allowed him to travel the world to compete for his country before eventually turning professional.

As a Professional Jack has already boxed on some big stages at huge venues like Elland Road football stadium and Leeds First Direct Arena. He has always dreamed of performing in his beloved city of Leeds with his friends, family members and loyal supporters getting behind him and pushing him all the way. So right now Jack couldn’t be happier with how his Pro career has began. Jack is well and truly on his way up the ladder in the professional ranks and has big plans of achieving his ultimate dream which is nothing less than becoming a World Champion!

Jack First Direct Arena